New Hard Case Episodes

New Hard Case Episodes

  Exciting news! New Hard Case episodes featuring the hilarious character, Rick Delta, will drop this summer! Check out our...

Dark Riders

Dark Riders This is the song of the dying hour And in our sleep we see each other Riders in...

Magic Lantern Lonely Gods

Magic Lantern Lonely Gods We are furtively led by diamond hands To skullduggery at every point in the madhouse A...

The Queen of Buffalo

It was a homecoming of sorts. I was returning home from college for a week or so before heading back...

Raving True

Raving True This is the benediction that is our valediction She searches for holiness like it can be found At...

Bro’s New Film

My bro’s new film, Moth.  Check it.          

Hard Case: Murder in Swan Pond – Episode 3

  Hard Case: Murder in Swan Pond Episode 3!    

New Rick Delta bonus footage from Hard Case: Murder in Swan Pond.

Check out a Rick Delta extra from Hard Case: Murder in Swan Pond

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