Last Prayer of the Night

Last Prayer of the Night

Welcome to the great unwinding of inconsolable discontent
These bones are rattling again to the rhythm of lost ancestors 
The twisting winds whisper doves in my ears 
But I hear them as knives and come back with claws
Some mother is praying for her son in this moment 
As he finds his epiphany in the second to last sip
Of a bottle bequeathed him by his father
Right now another lover is giving herself permission
To sacrifice her relationship over a non-existent slight

That she truly felt only as a child’s passing fade

This entire world is built with shadows upon shadows ad infinitum

Speak to me one last time about your endless tragedies
And I’ll feign to listen one last time

Point to all the brightest angels you envisioned in the sky
And I’ll pretend to see them too

Because this everything is all there is tonight
And I don’t want to be alone again this night or ever


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