There’s about to be a new sheriff in town.  One week until the web premiere of Hard Case: Murder in...

Pasadena City College

First day teaching at PCC!

Upcoming Premiere: Murder in Swan Pond

Very excited for the “Hard Case: Murder in Swan”  premiere this upcoming Saturday!  The online premiere is coming soon!

First day teaching!

First day teaching at Santa Monica College!

The Animal Inside

The overhead light swung across his face by an energy of which I am unsure its genesis and for the...

Bourbon Gods

  I feel as though I’ve lost something.  Something that’s been buried deep down inside my being.  A primordial ghost…maybe...

On Writing – Movie Endings

  The moment before ending a movie is like the penultimate moment in the life of a waning relationship…somebody just...

“The GLBTQ Youth Project”

“The GLBTQ Youth Project” is a play I compiled a couple of years back in Louisville, Kentucky along with Pandora...

On Writing – Temperament

Writing may at times be therapeutic but it is usually best when not in lieu of therapy.

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