Up on the Glass

UP ON THE GLASS is an indie feature directed by Kevin Del Principe and co-written with his creative partner Nikki Del Principe (known as Nikki Brown in Up on the Glass). They produced the project together with their production company Save Them Wild Dogs. UP ON THE GLASS is now available in North America through Gravitas Ventures. The film is an official selection of the 2020 Buffalo International Film Festival and the 2020 Capital City Film Festival in Lansing, Michigan. 


“With steady direction, the film builds with a tension that is not easy to shake off. This is impacted with scenes that puts a scene as harmless as picking up groceries up against burying a body in the wilderness. This back and forth perry works wonders to create tension, dread, and a solid third act which all comes cascades into a single terrifying moment which won’t be forgotten . . . ever.
“Husband-and-wife filmmaking team Del Principe and Nikki Brown have crafted a tense and thrilling tale that effectively explores the ugly pursuit of the American dream, the struggle between the have and the have nots, and the consequences of greed and envy.”
“[Its] build-up is deliberately slowburn and more interested in the psychological aspects of its story than the physical, with guilt taking front and center of its narrative, but veiled in layers of undercurrents - and in that way it's favourably comparable to some of the lesser known but all the more memorable psychothrillers by Patricia Highsmith [...]”
“Jealous rivalries over a woman amongst other things are part of the veneer that threatens to tear a bromance apart in the new rural noir drama UP ON THE GLASS.”
“Those in the audience expecting a predictable, cheesy thriller may be disappointed as although Up on The Glass plays with these conventions, it intentionally never follows through on the familiar set ups and tropes of lesser titles.”
“Up On the Glass is a good looking film in every way imaginable and the locations are beautiful. The movie is more concerned with delivering a deep story than salacious moments.”
“Director and co-writer Kevin Del Principe shows plenty of command with his helming of this tale, and he has the patience to trust that most audiences will take the ride […]”

Up on the Glass is available now in North America through Gravitas. Check it out on some of the platforms where it is available below.