Magic Lantern Lonely Gods

Magic Lantern Lonely Gods

We are furtively led by diamond hands
To skullduggery at every point in the madhouse
A wild octopus projects on the wall
Water strikes our opulent faces
We scream like feral wolf children
Before the greatest storms
Stole our innocence

Our mouths froth with ticklish pleasure
In the moribund funhouse
We see ourselves as we truly are
Decay in our brightest smiles
Our teeth yellowing in the fattiest popcorn butter

Barely lit cigarettes lay dying on the floor
Making nearly unrecognizable patterns
But for the discerning eye of untamed imagination
We cravenly try to decipher these messages
Sent from the loneliest gods

One of us sees the face on the floor
As an evil harbinger of an impending disaster
The other sees a sly smile

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