“The GLBTQ Youth Project”

“The GLBTQ Youth Project” is a play I compiled a couple of years back in Louisville, Kentucky along with Pandora Productions and their amazing artistic director, Michael Drury.  The play consists of true stories from heroic GLBTQ students who shared their experiences with us and was written entirely in their words.

I’m very pleased that this play lives on!

Below is a description of the play from the SETC site:

“Have you ever wondered if a piece of theatre could facilitate transformation? Theatre can, and should, be transformational. With The GLBTQ Youth Project, we think you’ll agree. Strikingly bold and honest, infused with innocence and grit, while equally heartbreaking and uplifting. Through writing workshops, conversations, and interviews, students  courageously shared stories resulting in a theatre production with multi-layered moments of pain and joy, rejection and acceptance. The GLBTQ Youth Project blazes new territory in the evolution of live theatre.”


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