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First day teaching!

First day teaching at Santa Monica College!

The Animal Inside

The overhead light swung across his face by an energy of which I am unsure its genesis and for the...

Bourbon Gods

  I feel as though I’ve lost something.  Something that’s been buried deep down inside my being.  A primordial ghost…maybe...

On Writing – Movie Endings

  The moment before ending a movie is like the penultimate moment in the life of a waning relationship…somebody just...

“The GLBTQ Youth Project”

“The GLBTQ Youth Project” is a play I compiled a couple of years back in Louisville, Kentucky along with Pandora...

On Writing – Temperament

Writing may at times be therapeutic but it is usually best when not in lieu of therapy.

On Writing – Discipline

Writing is teasing a wound that ought not be teased yet requires ATTENTION nonetheless.

Random Line

“If you’re finding it hard to be a good person, you’re probably okay.  If it’s easy, you’re probably a closet degenerate.”

Finalist – 2012 Script Pipeline

My feature thriller, RAGS AND BONES, has been selected as a finalist for the 2012 Script Pipeline Student Screenwriting Competition....

Lady with Wings

LADY WITH WINGS There was a woman who was the outcast in her village.  She painted a picture that no...