Picture Wrapped!

Picture wrapped on UP ON THE GLASS, produced by Save Them Wild Dogs. So many amazing people to thank for their work on my first feature film, that I directed and co-wrote with Nikki Brown. The cast, crew, and the community were all fantastic. Their generosity continues to inspire. We all grew together like family and were resilient throughout the shoot. Now we’re on to post-production and the journey continues.


Cast: Chase Fein, Chelsea Kurtz, Hunter Cross, Steve Holm, Jessica Lynn Parsons, Nikki Brown, & Burke Sage. Crew:  Mark Blaszak, Jackson Ezinga, Saša Šlogar, Zach Lucassian, Casey Granada, Chad Miller, Aaron Rizzo, Lucas Nielsen, Taylor Bouwens, & Dennis Nagelkirk. Special thanks to Rachel Imbriglio for putting together a wonderful cast. Thanks to the Cobmoosa Shores community and the town of Shelby, Michigan for their tremendous hospitality as well as many of the local businesses that supported us. Thanks also to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for helping us shoot on the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. We are also so grateful to be able to feature paintings from the very talented Kerri Malaski Vallely. Many thanks to our food angels.



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