Night Song Dance

Night Song Dance The descending seabirds are our eyes And we see glimpses of each other’s hearts As wonderful blessings in passing currents Piece together my great mystery Wrapped in shadows upon shadows And please hold my story As my hands are skeleton claws now Know me in my secret spaces Behind the calcified layers of my wild heart And I will make an alter To honor your unknowable ghosts Let’s hold...

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Great Fire Visions

Great Fire Visions These ghosts are our lovers Passing through skeletal shadows Cast on the wall By glimpses from marauding gods We run from these phantoms As if they are other than us But in truth we see ourselves Because in the great fire We captured shadows in our hearts And now that we are truly alive Project them everywhere Our wild hearts are flying around the room now They are constant movement Because...

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Exeunt Via Nearest Window

Exeunt Via Nearest Window There were pieces of me all over The damned place Dripping from ceilings Sticking to the walls My ugliest scraps Out in the open For everyone to see And the beautiful specks too Who hide in the nooks And only come out To the cooing of angels I collected every last bit On the way out And only my phantom parts remained ...

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