The Animal Inside

The overhead light swung across his face by an energy of which I am unsure its genesis and for the first time I saw him truly.  Where before there was a phantom conjured only by the distant thought of shadows, now there were flesh and bones.  I couldn’t help but feel I had seen this man before.  I’d say he...

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Bourbon Gods

  I feel as though I’ve lost something.  Something that’s been buried deep down inside my being.  A primordial ghost…maybe it’s the Holy Spirit after all.  If it is, then I have to admit that the church ladies have been right all these years.  Thankfully, I know that it’s not the vestiges of religion that remain swirling in phantom currents.  It’s...

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“The GLBTQ Youth Project”

"The GLBTQ Youth Project" is a play I compiled a couple of years back in Louisville, Kentucky along with Pandora Productions and their amazing artistic director, Michael Drury.  The play consists of true stories from heroic GLBTQ students who shared their experiences with us and was written entirely in their words. I’m very pleased that this play lives on! Below is a...

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